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What is a Biodegradable Stretch Film?

The Evolution of Packaging: A Need for Sustainability

Traditional plastic stretch films, although recyclable, often end up in landfills. This concern has spurred the development of biodegradable stretch films like Precisionrap DK.

If your business is trying to become more sustainable, the chances are you’ll have discussed how you can make your packaging fit in with this. Among various packaging solutions, biodegradable stretch films have emerged as a promising solution to address environmental concerns associated with conventional plastics. This article delves into Precisionrap DK stretch wrap, a biodegradable alternative that offers both performance and eco-consciousness.

Precisionrap DK Stretch Wrap: A greener choice

Precisionrap DK stretch wrap is a cutting-edge packaging solution designed to cater to the needs of both businesses and the environment. It shares many characteristics with traditional stretch films, such as excellent load stability, protection against moisture and dust, and ease of application. For example, the total film stretches of 285% with a hand application.

However, its key differentiator lies in its biodegradability. It takes a few years to decay, not decades. This can help company’s sustainability goals without a hassle of recycling, while the pricing is same as other Precision product.

Benefits of Precisionrap DK Stretch Wrap

Environmental Sustainability
The primary advantage of Precisionrap DK is its biodegradability. Made from biodegradable materials, this stretch film breaks down naturally over time, reducing its environmental impact compared to traditional plastics.
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Using biodegradable stretch wrap contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions during production and disposal. This aligns with corporate sustainability goals and reduces carbon footprints in the supply chain.
Precisionrap DK offers competitive pricing and performance, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses that seek eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on quality.
This stretch wrap can be used across various industries, from food and beverage to manufacturing and logistics, ensuring versatility in its applications.
Ease of Use
Precisionrap DK is designed for ease of application, ensuring that businesses can transition seamlessly to this eco-friendly packaging option.

Precisionrap : cost-effective and efficient solution

Precisionrap has a two-part handheld dispenser, which allows ergonomic stretch wrap usage. Aside from less intensity of labour, Precisionrap also offers several key advantages over traditional hand pallet wrapping techniques:

Film Efficiency: Precisionrap consumes less film by weight compared to traditional methods. Based on a cut and weigh test by rewrapping a pallet with Precisionrap and comparing film weights, customers can reduce their film consumption by a minimum of 35%.

Improved Load Containment: According to the force-to-load measurement, Precisionrap significantly enhances load containment, exerting up to 50% more force on the load to maintain its integrity compared to traditional hand-wrapping techniques.

Faster Wrapping: With Precisionrap, you can wrap a typical load 33% faster than with manual hand wrapping. Precisionrap streamlines the process without compromising on wrapping quality.

Consistent Containment: Precisionrap ensures consistency and containment with its snapback test. This test measures the film’s ability to recover to its pre-applied length after being cut vertically. Precisionrap consistently achieves greater and more consistent snapback and load containment compared to traditional hand-wrapped pallets, regardless of the operator.

Biodegrading process of Stretch Films

3 Steps of Assimilation
Precisionrap DK is a plastic based film that has additives included in the manufacturing process. These additives, usually enzymes, enable the plastic to break down.
Step 1.
After 2 years of stable shelf-life, Precisionrap DK starts the chemical reaction begins causing the film to assimilate and attract micro-organisms that consume the carbon.
Step 2.
When the film breaks down by oxidative degradation, it simply turns into smaller pieces of plastic. A low molecular mass oxidation products are established.
Step 3.
With abundance of UV rays, heat, and micro-organisms, the film will be bio-degraded in the ocean or buried landfill. At the end of the process, which takes 6 to 24 months, only a little bit of CO2, H2O and biomass remain.

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Can You Rent a Shrink Wrap Machine?

If your business is looking for packaging solutions that are both efficient and budget-friendly, the idea of embracing a shrink wrap machine may have crossed your mind. But let’s face it, it’s a big investment. If you’re still doubtful to dive into machine ownership or if your product is giving you the “shrinking” feeling about its compatibility with a shrink wrap machine, there’s the other options: machine rental!

If you are intrigued by the notion of renting one of these shrink wrap machines, consider this article your trusty co-pilot. Let’s dive into the different finance options of a shrink wrap machinery and which one will suit your needs.

Exploring Payment Options of Shrink Wrap Machine

When it comes to securing a shrink packaging machine, there’s 5 payment and ownership options to consider. Impak Packaging is partnered with several finance companies for better financing experience of yours.

So, whether you’re in for a short fling, a long-term commitment, or ready to go steady, there’s a payment path that suits your needs.

1. Rent/ Rent-To-Own

Renting lets you borrow the machine for shorter spans, like 4-6 months, depending on your situation. This choice suits for seasonal goods or fresh projects. Meanwhile, the Rent-To-Own program is like the best of both worlds. You can channel the rental fees toward eventually owning the machine.

2. Lease / Lease-To-Own

Leasing steps up the game by offering longer borrowing periods—think more than 6 months to years. And here’s the kicker: Lease-To-Own enters the stage. It’s like giving you a pass to the machine ownership after the leasing period. Great for those who want to test the waters before fully diving in.

3. Ownership

The “just take the plunge” option. If you’re confident about your machine usage, you can buy it outright.
Plus, there’s no need to play all your cards at once; installment plans and financing options through various financial companies make this a dynamic choice too.

The Popular Shrink Wrap Machines to Rent

If your product is not too big and small quantity, hood sealer is perfect for entry level shrink wrapping. There’s no need to purchase a heat shrink tunnel, as this is a one step solution to shrink wrapper products.
Our semi-automatic L Bar Sealers are the perfect machines for low to medium volume shrink applications. An operator sets the seal time and heat, then inserts a product between the two layers of center-folded shrink film, then presses down on the sealing bar. Once the seal is complete, the package is pulled away from the seal area.

Automatic L-bar sealers are perfect for center-folded shrink-wrap applications, where speed is a factor. They use center-folded shrink film, a conveyor feeds the product into the film and into the sealing area. Vertical/horizontal photocell sensors determine when to activate the jaw sealer. Once the product is sealed, a conveyor automatically feeds the sealed product into a shrink tunnel.

Bundle wrapper use two rolls of shrink film to create a sleeve that encircle items that can be packaged together used as a bundle. This bundle is introduced into the sleeve wrapper where sealing head come down behind it and seals the film. And it is conveyed to a heat shrink tunnel where the shrink film binds the items together.

Side Sealers are continuous motion horizontal sealers designed to wrap packages effortlessly and efficiently. Side Sealers are the fastest type of sealers which is suitable for wrapping box type packaging.

Shrink Tunnels are used with sealers to apply heat to the film so the film shrinks perfectly around the product. They can come in two different conveyor configurations: Roller or Belted. Both conveyors can be used with polyolefin, PVC sleeves, and polyethylene films. The space between these rollers allows hot air from the bottom to shrink the film around the product to create a tight sealed package.

We have a variety of consumables in stock which are used for machines such as shrink wrap for a reasonable price. Our packaging experts will support you find the best product for your needs.

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Benefits of Renting a Shrink Wrap Machine

1. Cost Efficiency

Renting a shrink wrap machine presents an affordable alternative to an outright purchase. For businesses dealing with short-term or sporadic packaging requirements, the upfront investment associated with buying such machinery might not be the wisest choice. Renting allows you to access high-quality equipment without straining your budget.

2. Flexibility

Every business encounters fluctuations in packaging demand. Renting a shrink wrap machine enables you to scale your operations according to your needs. Whether you’re tackling a short-term project, a seasonal rush, or a limited-time promotion, renting grants you the agility to respond effectively.

3. Trial of the Latest Technologies

The rental market is rich with modern shrink wrap machines boasting advanced features. By renting a new machine, you gain access to the latest technology without the commitment of ownership. This means you can elevate your packaging quality and efficiency without a hefty investment.

A Checklist Before Renting a Shrink Wrap Machine

While the prospect of renting a shrink wrap machine is enticing, a few key considerations should guide your decision-making process:

1. Duration and Frequency of Use

Assess the length of time you require the machine and the frequency of its usage. If your packaging needs are intermittent or short-term, renting becomes an even more attractive choice. However, if you need it all year round maybe it is better to own it.

2. Compatibility with Your Needs

Each business has its unique packaging requirements. Ensure that the shrink wrap machine you rent is compatible with the dimensions and types of products you need to package. This ensures optimal results and a hassle-free packaging process. Not sure about the compatibility? Talk to our package machine experts!

3. Dive into Rental Terms

Before sealing the deal, thoroughly review the rental agreement. Understand the terms, maintenance responsibilities, and technical support provided by the rental provider. Clarity on these aspects will ensure a smooth experience.

4. Service Team

To make the most of your shrink wrap machine rental journey, consider collaborating with packaging experts. Their insights can help you select the most suitable machine, set the correct parameters, and streamline your packaging process for maximum efficiency.

In Conclusion

Renting a shrink wrap machine can be a strategic choice depends on your situation. The benefits of affordability, flexibility, and access to advanced technology position renting as an intelligent move for businesses with varying packaging needs. By keeping factors like duration, compatibility, and terms in mind, you can navigate the rental landscape confidently. Remember, collaboration with packaging professionals can enhance your experience and unlock the true potential of shrink wrap machine rentals. So, get a free consulting from our experienced expert which will revolutionize your packaging with a tailored solution that delivers outstanding results.

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