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Efficient Carton and Case Sealers

Case Sealers are used to seal the bottom and/or top of corrugated boxes with pressure sensitive tape providing secure sealing for the products within. They offer gap-free, tight top flap tape sealing. The operator closes the bottom flaps of the box, loads the box at the entrance of the case sealer, then pushes the box into the case sealer. The case sealer then automatically applies tape for the closure. These machines are fully adjustable for a wide range of box sizes as they are equipped with adjusting hand cranks which are located on either side of the machine for operator convenience and comfort. Case Sealers are durable, easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

We carry wide range of case sealers from Bestpack, Berran, Highlight, Eastey and Impak.

Not sure which brand suits your application best? Contact Us and a sales representative will be happy to find your perfect match.

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