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Shrink Tunnels are used to apply heat to the film so the film shrinks perfectly around the product. They can come in two different conveyor configurations: Roller or Belted. Both conveyors can be used with polyolefin, PVC sleeves, and polyethylene films. The space between these rollers allows hot air from the bottom to shrink the film around the product to create a tight sealed package. Belted conveyors can be Teflon mesh or Polymer mesh and are used for smaller products, or when the product needs a stable surface. The speed of a shrink tunnel usually depends on the power, product size, and the type and thickness of the shrink film. Equipped with adjustable temperature controllers and conveyor speed controllers, you can control the amount of heat and time to apply to create a perfectly sealed package. Quality, efficiency, and reliability are what you can expect from these top-notch Shrink Tunnels.

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Heat Seal HDX Series Shrink Wrap Machines

Heat Seal HDX Series Shrink Wrap Machines are equipped with a hot knife seal system with multiple profile options, cycle counter, heavy duty cast aluminum seal

Heat Seal T3422 Shrink Tunnel

Heat Seal T3422 Shrink Tunnel Offers Great Shrink Packaging Capabilities For Various Applications!! Heat Seal T3422 Shrink Tunnel is simple and extremely reliable for your shrink packaging

Refurbished Shanklin T7XL Shrink Tunnel

Used/Rebuilt Shanklin T-7XL Shrink Tunnel. 230 Volts, 36 Amps, 3 Phase, 60 Hz. Heavy duty construction and stainless steel variable speed mesh conveyor belt, 15-120 ft/minute. The

Shanklin T-6H Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin Shrink Tunnel T-6H has excellent high performance, versatile standard features, superior shrink capabilities, and value price that expands your packaging options. Built To Last, Engineered

Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin T-7H Shrink Tunnel gives you the heavy-duty, continuous service your packaging production demands. Loaded with features and accessories, the highlight of the T-7H is a higher tunnel opening

Shanklin T-62 Shrink Tunnel

Shanklin T-62 Shrink Tunnel Is Flexible, Dependable And Ready To Take On Your Toughest Challenges. Shanklin T-62 Shrink Tunnel is designed for maximum performance with high-speed
Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel
Best Seller

Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel

The Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel Is A High Speed Performer Engineered For Your Most Demanding Applications!! Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel has been designed to perform Shrinking high

Shanklin T-72 Double Chamber Shrink Tunnel

The Shanklin T-72 Shrink Tunnel Is Flexible, Dependable, And Ready To Take On Your Toughest Challenges!! Shanklin T-72 Shrink Tunnel is designed for maximum performance with high-speed

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