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Stretch Films For A Perfect Pallet

Stretch Film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around products to keep them tightly bound in order to stabilize, protect and secure them from mishandling during shipping. It is commonly used to unitize the pallet loads. When applying the film is to be pulled and stretched around products with a certain tension to obtain tight and secured product loads. The amount of film needed can be determined by the type of the film and size of your pallet. We offer stretch wraps in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses and they are of two types: Hand stretch and Machine stretch.

We carry Malpack Stretch Films for both machine and manual applications. These revolutionary films are very thin, yet they have the puncture and tear resistance of a film almost double their gauge. A switch to these films will save you money while diminishing your business’ ecological footprint.

Stretch Wrapped skids of Bottle Water heavy

In Stock stretch film products from the most reliable brands


Ultra-high-performance machine film and hand films​


Outperforming competitors in both quality and service.


Competitively priced machine and hand film.​

Malpack Hand Stretch

platinum max hand stretch

Platinum Max hand stretch films offer the best in film down-gauging while maintaining an exceptional tear and puncture resistance.

We carry:

  • 1437-MPX (37 gauge but performs like a 65 gauge)
  • 1448-MPX  (48 gauge but performs like an 80 gauge)
  •   Outstanding puncture and tear resistance
  •   High Load Containment Value
  •   Quiet Release
  •   Premium Resin Blend
  •   Down Gauge Thicker Films

What is Film Downgauging?

Machine Stretch Films

malpack plantium machine wrap

This is a film that performs much better than regular machine stretch films, even though it’s much thinner. It will greatly reduce your costs while holding your pallets together, and resisting punctures.

We carry:
  • 2044-MPX (44 gauge replaces 70 gauge)
  • 2048-MPX (48 gauge replaces 80 gauge)
  • 2055-MPX (55 gauge replaces 90 gauge)
  •   Wide variety of gauge profiles (39ga to 110ga)
  •   Pre-stretch levels up to 300% in thin gauges
  •   Puncture and tear resistance
  •   High clarity
  •   Machine friendly product

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