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Reduce Waste in Packaging


We partner with suppliers dedicated to innovation and ingenuity. Lowering material density while preserving packaging quality reduces unnecessary waste.

Low Impact Materials


Seeking low-impact recycled packaging materials as we strive towards sustainability is one of the benchmarks of our green program.

Improved Efficiencies


By optimizing packaging, we limit the amount of unnecessary packaging materials used on a product.

Strategic Partnerships


We maintain & develop strategic partnerships with company's who have a vision of sustainability in-line with our own.

Our Goals
Increase Uniformity
We here at Impak stay extremely consistent in multiple facets of the business, ensuring high quality in everything we do/sell. We use the same packaging designs which in turn reduces waste generated. For example; each of our pallets are wrapped consistently with the same recyclable material.
Continue to Minimize Our Ecological Footprint
We strive to do everything we can to be as environmentally conscious and leave as small of an ecological footprint as possible. We do this through identifying and using less damaging products without sacrificing performance or value, and emphasizing recyclable products.
Lead the Industry in Circularity
The term “circularity” is used to describe an ideal production system in which there is no waste, as every material is kept within the system for future use. It’s all about trying to keep materials in use for as long as possible by recovering and regenerating – with the greatest level of efficiency – every piece at the end of its service life. Our products are not ending up in land-fills, but joining the circular economy where they are used, and re-used, over and over again.
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Downgauging stretch wrap

Impak is leading the world into a more sustainable future one step at a time. One such development is the adoption of downgauging stretch film, a process that involves reducing the thickness of the film while maintaining its performance characteristics. By reducing the amount of material used in packaging, companies can significantly decrease their carbon footprint and overall waste generation. Thinner films require fewer raw materials during production, resulting in lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
Stretch wrapping is used throughout the packaging industry to secure products to a skid and provide extra protection while in transport. Two types of stretch film are commonly used: Machine stretch film and Hand stretch film. The material is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly solution.


At Impak, we support the vision of a sustainable future for the packaging industry:
  • 50% of packaging tape products are fully recyclable.
  • Sourced fibers represent 80% of recycled material.
  • Our paper void fill products are responsibly sourced from 100% recycled paper packaging material and are curbside recyclable.
  • Our Mailer Bags are 100% paper-based with a minimum of 50% recycled material and with sustainable adhesive.
Recycling Symbol
Automating your packaging maximizes productivity while minimizing down-time and total operating expenses.
In comparison to streamlined systems, advanced automated technologies lead to enhanced energy efficiency. Consequently, the energy savings contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and optimizes resources, making it the most environmentally friendly packaging option available.


We only work with packaging equipment vendors who share the same values and commitment to sustainability as we do.
Is your packaging in-line with your sustainability goals?

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