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Orbital wrappers are a type of packaging machine used to wrap products in plastic film. These machines are commonly used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to securely package and protect products. Orbital wrappers are designed to wrap products with a tight, secure seal that prevents the product from becoming damaged during shipping and handling. The machine wraps the product in a continuous sheet of film, which is then cut and sealed to form a secure package. The orbital wrapper is an efficient and cost-effective way to package a variety of products; the machine is simple to use and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different product sizes and shapes. Orbital wrappers are an essential tool in the packaging industry, allowing businesses to package their products quickly and securely for delivery.

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FOX FPS-1000 Manual Orbital Wrapper

The FPS 1000 is a light-duty Orbital Wrapper used for handling ring sizes ranging from 10 in to 106 in. Powered by a foot pedal, this

FOX FPS-2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapper

The FPS 2000 Orbital Wrapper is the perfect solution for your industrial wrapping needs. It features a semi-automatic PLC control that is easily activated with a

FOX FPS-3000 Automatic Orbital Wrapper

The FOX FPS 3000 Automatic Orbital Wrapper is the perfect choice for any packaging operation that needs speed and accuracy. This unique orbital wrapper is powered
FOX FPS-3000FT Orbital Wrapper
Best Seller

FOX FPS-3000FT Orbital Wrapper

Now your drivers don't have to waste time getting on and off the forklift to wrap a load. They simply drive in and the FPS 3000FT

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