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FOX FPS-2000 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapper

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The FPS 2000 Orbital Wrapper is the perfect solution for your industrial wrapping needs. It features a semi-automatic PLC control that is easily activated with a foot pedal, allowing for precise wrapping with a range of ring sizes from 10″ to 106″ ID. The precision steel ring ensures a secure fit while the friction carriage ensures a reliable, even wrapping. The automatic film clamp and cut function adds an extra layer of convenience and accuracy, making the FPS 2000 Orbital Wrapper the ideal choice for all your wrapping needs.

  •   Ring Size 10″ to 106″ ID
  •   Perfect Wrapping Solutions for products with Long dimensions such as furniture, metals and piping
  •   Automatic Film Clamp and Cut
  •   Wrapss 10-40 Pallets per Hour.


  • Product Hold Down Rollers
  • Product In-feed/Out-feed Guides
  • In-feed/Out-feed Conveyors

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