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FOX FPS-3000FT Orbital Wrapper

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Now your drivers don’t have to waste time getting on and off the forklift to wrap a load. They simply drive in and the FPS 3000FT Forklift Orbital does the rest! Speed up production and save on lost time injuries or operator fatigue. Keep your workforce healthy while increasing your ROI Automatic wrapping with film clamp and cut allows your driver to remain in place while your product is secured. Its 10″ to 106″ ID precision steel ring provides a strong and secure product wrap every time. The automatic carriage home position feature allows for quick and easy film loading and unloading. Automatic product indexing ensures that your product is always wrapped to perfection. The automatic film clamp and cut feature ensures the film is held securely around your product with the perfect tension. The friction carriage ensures smooth and consistent wrapping with every cycle. Get the most reliable and efficient packaging solution today with the FOX FPS 3000FT Automatic Orbital Wrapper.

  •   Easy to Use – Simply Place Product into Machine’s Opening with a Forklift
  •   Ring Size 10″ to 106″ ID
  •   Perfect Wrapping Solutions for long dimension products such as furniture, metals, and piping
  •   Automatic Film Clamp and Cut
  •   Automatic Product Indexing
  •   Wraps 20-60 Pallets per Hour.


  • Pre-stretch Carriage
  • Product Hold Down Rollers
  • Product In-feed/Out-feed Guides
  • In-feed/Out-feed Conveyors
  • Film Roping


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