Best shrink wrap machine for food

When it comes to packaging food items, choosing the right method is crucial to ensure freshness, protection, and aesthetics. Among the various packaging machines available, a shrink wrap machine stands out as a popular choice, particularly for hard fresh produce like cucumbers and cabbages, frozen food that can be scattered like pizza, and any food items with trays. The reason is that shrink wrapping food items offer enhanced visual appeal, prolonged shelf life, and more cost-effective packaging. Let’s explore the benefits of using shrink wrap for food packaging, the different types of packaging it offers, and the best shrink wrap machines for different types of food.

Types of Shrink Packaging for food

There are two primary types of shrink packaging for food items:

1. Primary Packaging

Hard fresh produce like cucumbers and cabbages, as well as frozen food items like pizza, can be directly shrink wrapped. The shrink wrap serves as the primary packaging, directly in contact with the food products.

2. Secondary Packaging

For soft or fragile food items like bread and fruits, a primary container or tray is used for protection, and the shrink wrap acts as secondary packaging. Similarly, instant food boxes can be shrink wrapped to create a single, secure packaging solution. It holds the primary container securely in place and provides an additional layer of protection during transportation.

The Best Shrink Wrap Machines for Food

Selecting the right shrink wrap machine is essential to ensure efficient and effective packaging and cost-saving in the long term. We highly recommend you consult with our experienced packaging machine experts for personalized recommendations based on your food items. Take advantage of our free packaging consultation by clicking here. In general, three distinct options are available for food shrink wrap machines: Hood sealers(also known as one-step sealers), L-bar sealers + Shrink tunnels, and Side sealers + Shrink tunnels. Below are our recommended top models for different scenarios:

If your product is not too big and small quantity, hood sealer is perfect for entry level shrink wrapping. There’s no need to purchase a heat shrink tunnel, as this is a one step solution to shrink wrapper products.

Bundle Wrappers are extremely versatile and perfect for packing glass, PET bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jar, and cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations. They can be used in several industry segments, for example, Beverages, Food, Chemicals, wine and spirits, cosmetics, wood, textiles, graphics, etc.

Our semi-automatic L Bar Sealers are the perfect machines for low to medium volume shrink applications.  An operator sets the seal time and heat, then inserts a product between the two layers of center folded shrink film, then presses down on the sealing bar. Once the seal is complete, the package is pulled away from the seal area.

Automatic L-bar sealers are perfect for center-folded shrink-wrap applications, where speed is a factor. They use center-folded shrink film, a conveyor feeds the product into the film and into the sealing area. Vertical/horizontal photocell sensors determine when to activate the jaw sealer. Once the product is sealed, a conveyor automatically feeds the sealed product into a shrink tunnel.

 Side sealers can come in intermittent motion and continuous motion designed to wrap packages effortlessly and efficiently.  Side Sealers with continuous motion are the fastest type of sealers which are suitable for wrapping box type packaging.

Shrink Tunnels are used with sealers to apply heat to the film so the film shrinks perfectly around the product.  They can come in two different conveyor configurations: Roller or Belted. Both conveyors can be used with polyolefin, PVC sleeves, and polyethylene films. The space between these rollers allows hot air from the bottom to shrink the film around the product to create a tight sealed package.


A great one-step sealer shrink wrapping machine

 This Hood Sealer both wraps and shrink seals a product – no need for a tunnel

 Useable Films: Pvc, Polyolefins

 Reasonably Priced Entry Level Wrapping Machine

SMI BP800 Sleeve wrapper

The most versatile shrink sleeving / bundle wrapping machine

  Fully Electric – Very Little Noise While Running

  Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Bundler – Ideal for 1 – 60 Packs Per Hour

  All-In One Shrink Wrapping System – No need for a additional tunnel

  Can Wrap Product With or Without Trays

  Pneumatic product pusher, activated by two buttons

HEATSEAL HDX 250 semi-automatic L-BAR sealer

A great entry level l bar sealer shrink wrapping machine

 Models HDX250 and HDX350

 Overall Dimension, 82” Long x 32” Wide x 59” High

 L Bar Seal Area, 17” Wide x 21” Long

 Film Capacity, 22” Wide

 Multiple profile options, Cycle counter, Heavy Duty Aluminum seal head, non-stick mesh tunnel belt

 MaxAir tunnel almost triples the airflow and evenly wraps air around package

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A high speed automatic l bar sealer shrink wrapping machine

  Up to 50 Packages Per Min.

  Fully Automatic SMI L Bar Sealer

  Max Product Height: 6″

  Max Centerfold Film: 24″

  The L-Seal design provides great flexibility and quick product change.

  Reliable, Versatile, Reasonably Priced and Built to Last.


A side sealing shrink wrapping solution, for when high speed is a factor

  Up to 50 Packages Per Min.

  Fully Automatic SMI L Bar Sealer

  Max Product Height: 6″

  Max Centerfold Film: 24″

  The L-Seal design provides great flexibility and quick product change.

  Reliable, Versatile, Reasonably Priced and Built to Last.


A powerful shrink tunnel

  22″ x 12″ Chamber Opening

  High Speed from 25 to 150 ft/.min

  Versatile, Easy to Use Product

  Features high-speed dual-chamber tunnel for the ultimate shrinking capacity

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