Heat Seal HSE100 Combo Shrink Wrapper

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Overall Dimensions 76.5” Long x 24” Wide x 55” High
Film Capacity 17” Wide
L Bar Seal Area 16” Wide x 20” Long
Inside Tunnel Dimensions 20” Long x 15.25”  Wide x 6.75” High
Tunnel Conveyor Speed 0- 20 ft/minute
Working Height 36”
Power 115 Volts/ 1 Phase/ 17 Amp
Tunnel Wattage 2000  Watts
Weight 380 lbs


Heat Seal HSE100 Combo Shrink Wrapper provides a quality shrink packaging solution in a compact footprint!!

Heat Seal HSE100 Combo Shrink Wrapper consist of L bar sealer and shrink tunnel which is combined into one industrial shrink wrapping machine to provide tightly wrapped packaging solutions. First, sealed in a bag using the L bar sealer, the package then moves to the shrink tunnel where the film is heated and shrinks around the package. This shrink wrap machine is used to provide a transparent, tightly wrapped package. Practical and cost effective, shrink packaging is great for packaging boxes, cartons, multi-packs, and beverage cans.

Heat Seal HSE100 Combo Shrink Wrapper is also offered in a table top version.


Control Panel:

  • Express Control Panel for Machine Operations
  • Single Plug 115 Volts Power Supply

Sealing Area:

  • Impulse Wire Seal System
  • Large 16″ W by 20″ L Seal Area
  • Standard Seal Head with Film Clamps
  • Balanced Magnetic Hold Down
  • Adjustable Height Wrapping Platform
  • Pre-Wired Seal Conveyor Ready

Shrink Tunnel:

  • Independent Tunnel Temperature Control
  • Non-Stick Mesh Tunnel Belt
  • Automatic Cool Down Extends Heating Element Life

Other Features:

  • Leg Kit with Casters
  • Individually Adjustable Perforating Wheels
  • Adjustable Film Cradle

For more information about the machine and other shrink packaging options please Contact Us at (416) 299-0960 and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Heat Seal HSE100 Combo Shrink Wrapper Brochure Heat Seal HSE100 Combo Shrink Wrapper Brochure

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