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Efficient Carton / Case Erectors

Case Erectors are a simple and reliable piece of case forming equipment. They ensure low maintenance and ease of use. Ideal for different products and sizes, they perfectly deliver cases in an upright position ready for packing and are used to increase time efficiency and reduce packaging costs. We carry wide range of semi automatic and automatic case erectors from Bestpack, Impak, Berran & Highlight. Not sure which model suits your application best? Contact Us and a sales representative will be happy to find your perfect match.

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Bestpack ELVS Sidebelt Carton Erector

The BestPack™ Model ELVS is the ultimate in automated carton erector/sealing technology. Its sleek design and patented features make it the perfect choice for high-volume production

Bestpack ESHB Sidebelt Carton Erector

The ESHB model carton erector/sealer is a revolutionary piece of machinery that delivers superior performance every time. Its robust construction is designed for heavy use, with

Bestpack ESHT Carton Erector

Get the most out of your packaging process with the BestPack ESHT carton erector/sealer. This versatile machine is designed for quick, reliable, and efficient carton sealing,

IMPAK APCE-40EP Automatic Carton Erector

Quickly and efficiently stand up and seal cardboard boxes with the APCE-40EP. Boxes are erected as they pass through the machine, where they are compressed and

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