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SMI BP802AS Sleeve Wrapper

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The most versatile shrink sleeving / bundle wrapping machine! Up to 25 Packs per Min!

Similar to the BP800AS, this model comes with a dual-zone tunnel allowing for faster pack per minute speeds. The new series of monoblock semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrappers with sealing bar BP are extremely versatile: they can pack various products, such as glass and PET bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jars, cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations. They can be used in several industry segments, such as beverages, food, chemicals, wine and spirits, cosmetics, detergents, wood, textile, graphic etc. The BP series allows SMIPACK to meet a wide variety of customers’ demands and to ensure a very good quality/price ratio. The AS Model comes with a Infeed Conveyor System and pushdown wipers.

  •   Fully Electric – Very Little Noise While Running
  •   Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Bundler – Ideal for 15 – 120 Packs Per Hour
  •   All-In One Shrink Wrapping System – No need for a additional tunnel
  •   Can Wrap Product With or Without Trays
  •   Pneumatic product pusher and infeed conveyor, activated by two buttons


Power supply 220-240 Volts/3 Phase 220-240 Volts/3 Phase 220-240 Volts/3 Phase  220-240 Volts/3 Phase
Sealing Area 30″ Wide 30″ Wide 30″ Wide 30″ Wide
Max Product Height 15″ 15″ 15″ 15″
Sealing Type Hot Knife Hot Knife Hot Knife Hot Knife
Max. Packing Speed 10/Min 10/Min 25/Min 25/Min
Max. Centerfold film 21″ 21″ 21″ 25″

BP802AS Specifications

Power supply 220 – 240 / 380 – 415 V
3PH + PE / 3PH + N + PE
50/60 Hz
Installed power 26700 W
Air Pressure 6 Bar
Required air 13 Nl/p*
Maximum output up to 1,500 ppm**
Product Maximum Height 380 mm
Sealing bar 760 mm
Maximum size of film reel 750 – ø 350 mm
Working board height 945 – 1105 mm
Machine size 3670 x 1410 mm h 2105 – 2265 mm
Machine Net Weight 845 kg
Advised film: LDPE 20 – 100 µ

(*) Normal Iiters per pack.
(**) Packs per hour. The stated speed can change according to the product size, the pack collation and the type of film used.

Standard Features:

  • Automatic in-line shrink wrapper
  • Double-chamber tunnel
  • Maximum pack length: 2000 mm
  • Infeed conveyor with adjustable speed controlled by inverter
  • Motorized upper film unwinding controlled by inverter
  • Motorized lower film unwinding
  • Infeed conveyor product guides adjustable in height and width
  • Possibility to make reference either to the photocell reading or to the pack length
  • Automatic, semiautomatic, pass through mode
  • Included: feet for the machine fastening, press rod to stop products, cooling fan at the tunnel outlet
  • Monoblock frame
  • Pneumatic sealing bar equipped with safety sensors
  • Pneumatic film cut by cold blade
  • Rollers are positioned on the upper and lower unwinders to make the reels easier to load
  • Metric graduation based fi lm reels centering system
  • FLXMOD® control system equipped with:
    • operator Interface 7″ full-colour touch screen
    • Plc
    • inverter with integrated encoder reading
    • IN/OUT control modules
  • 50 different memorisable working cycles
  • Tunnel air flow adjustable by means of independent deflectors
  • Tunnel conveyor equipped with heat-resistant glass fibre bars (SMI patent) which ensures that:
    • the conveyor stiffness grants stability to the products passing through, for a compact and well-shrunk pack
    • the conveyor can bear a product weight up to 30 kilos
    • the conveyor bars never get rusted, as it happens when using traditional metallic conveyors
    • the maintenance is easy and low-cost, thanks to the possibility of replacing just the worn out bars
  • Oven cooling system
  • Low power consumption
  • 4.0 industry compliant
  • Compliance with CE regulations


For more information about the machine and other shrink packaging options please Contact Us at (416) 299-0960 and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with whatever you need.

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