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RIQ TECH RS-140 Bag Sealer

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The RS-140 will seal a wide range of plastic bag materials such as polypropylene, laminates, tyvek, foil and utilizes a 2″ rotary blade to trim off the top of each bag. Our unique height adjustable stand with locking casters makes it easy to adapt various bags size. The sealer is designed with a 5″ heating and 5″ cooling zone which makes it effective for sealing difficult materials.  RS-140 with conveyor is ideal for sealing bags up to 50 lbs and 30” in height. Sealer constructed with stainless steel, anodized aluminum and HRS steel and build for 24/7 operation.

  •   Industrial Grade Continuous Band Sealer
  •   Can handle bags up to 50 lbs and 30″ in height
  •   Can handle large or small bags
  •   Constructed from Stainless steel

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