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Handle-IT Model 3000 Mobile Stretch Wrapper

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Handle It Model 3000 Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine: Portable, Flexible, and Efficient!

The Handle It® Model 3000 mobile shrink wrap machine. Designed with portability and flexibility in mind, this innovative device is an ideal solution for handling various pallet loads. We’ll delve into its capabilities, customization options, and how it makes packaging tasks easier in locations lacking centralized shipping areas. The Handle It® Model 3000 is specifically engineered to cater to a wide range of applications. Whether dealing with long, heavy, or unstable pallet loads, this machine is up for the challenge. Its ability to adapt to diverse packaging needs makes it a valuable asset for businesses with varying shipment requirements.


The model 3000 mobile pallet wrapper is ideal for wrapping long, heavy, or unstable pallets. It works extremely well for multi-purpose and limited space applications. Easily deploy it when needed, and then put it away when you’re finished.

Power and Efficiency

Despite its compact size, the Model 3000 series boasts exceptional power and efficiency. Equipped with a heavy-duty battery, it can handle up to 200 pallet loads on a single charge. This impressive power capacity ensures uninterrupted operations and reduces downtime, increasing productivity and streamlining packaging processes.

Top-of-the-line Features

The Model 3000 is not just portable but also comes packed with top-of-the-line functions and features. One noteworthy feature is its 250% powered pre-stretch capability, ensuring that the stretch wrap is used optimally, saving on material costs. Additionally, the user-friendly PLC touch screen control panel provides ease of operation and quick access to essential functions.

Another valuable feature is the braked carriage, which enhances safety during the wrapping process. It prevents accidental movements, securing the pallet load effectively. These features, typically found on stationary models, make the Model 3000 a powerhouse of performance in a compact form.

Ideal for Different Locations

A standout feature of the Handle It® Model 3000 is its flexibility to adapt to various environments. When shipping locations lack a centralized area for packaging, this mobile machine comes to the rescue. Its compact design allows it to be conveniently stored in corners while recharging its battery, making it space-efficient and practical for smaller workspaces.


Fully Portable Performance

  • Up to 200 pallets wrapped per charge
  • Unlimited pallet length
  • 94″ maximum load wrap height. Options for up to 118″
  • Unlimited load weight capacity
  • Daily workload – up to 350 cycles
  • 250% power pre-stretch film carriage for improved efficiency
  • 2-year warranty



  • Electromagnetic brake for film stretching.
  • Photocell for pallet height detection.
  • Powerboard ip54.
  • The main parameters are password protected.
  • The control panel’s main parameters are adjustable: cycle selection, bottom wraps, top wraps, rotation speed, carriage speed going up, carriage speed going down, film tension, photocell delay and starting height.
  • Acoustic warning at the cycle beginning and stop.
  • Battery charge monitoring and warning message on the display when the battery is low.
  • Guide wheel with quick height adjustment.
  • Autodiagnostic with error codes, making troubleshooting easier.



  • Photocell for Dark Loads
  • Double Wheel
  • Auto cut-off
  • 118” Max Wrap Height
  • Spare Battery Kits



1. Is the Handle It® Model 3000 suitable for heavy pallet loads?

Yes, the Model 3000 is designed to handle heavy pallet loads effectively.

2. Can I customize the wrap settings according to my needs?

Absolutely! The Model 3000 offers fully customizable wrap settings to meet your specific requirements.

3. How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The heavy-duty battery allows the Model 3000 to handle up to 200 pallet loads per charge.

4. Is the machine user-friendly?

Yes, the machine features a user-friendly PLC touch screen control panel for easy operation.

5. Can I use the Model 3000 in small workspaces?

Certainly! The Model 3000’s compact design makes it ideal for use in locations with limited space for packaging tasks.



How Does a Mobile Robotic Stretch Wrap Machine Work?

Mobile robotic stretch wrappers are ideal for both standard and non-standard size pallet loads. The machine works by placing the guide tire against the pallet or if necessary against the load. To position the guide wheel, use the drive button on the handle of the machine until it is properly aligned. It is important to make sure the guide arm is angled towards the direction of the machine travel. Once in place with the film tied, you can start an automatic wrap cycle. The machine will begin to drive around the pallet applying film according to your preset program.


For more information about the machine and other shrink packaging options please Contact Us at (416) 299-0960 and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with whatever you need.


Wrap Height 94″
Battery Charge 1 PH + N 50/60 Hz
Max Daily Workload 8 Hours / 200 cycles (approximate)
Powered by 2 x 12V AGM Batteries
Weight Capacity Unlimted
Pre-strech 250% Powered
Power Supply 110V
Total Machine Footprint 72” x 30” x 99”
Drive Speed 1.6 – 4.4 feet per second

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