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According to new LCBO legislation, all beer trays must be shrink-wrapped in a very specific manner. The film must be recyclable, of a certain thickness, and applied so as to avoid contaminate entry and for security purposes. The LCBO Product Packaging Standards and Chemical Guidelines can be found here.

The new legislation poses a problem, especially for local micro-breweries with less resources, as the process of choosing, installing and servicing a shrink packaging machine requires a certain expertise. Impak Packaging Systems Inc. is a company that has more than 30 years of experience in the packaging realm. We are constantly in the pursuit of the perfect package, and we have succeeded at reaching this goal with many well known companies, and even some fellow Ontario Craft Breweries: Big Rig Brewery, Sawdust Brewery, Sleeping Giant Brewery, as well as  Solo Cup, Starbucks, Canadian Tire and Quaker.


What may seem mundane to you—optimal plastic film thickness, perfect seal wire temperature, exact conveyor speed—is exactly what we pride ourselves in doing well. We can, and will, ensure that your package meets all the above requirements, while maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost. We have the capability of handling production demands small and large, from microbreweries producing small batches, to large breweries producing thousands of bottles a day.

 We offer new and used packaging machines, for rent and for purchase, and we will recommend one that suits your application best. We are the leading distributors of Cryovac shrink films in Canada. We will also recommend a high-quality shrink film and make the proper adjustments to the machine to ensure peak performance.

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Our Shrink Wrap Bundlers can seal and shrink wrap your products to whatever aesthetic you would like. We can wrap custom branded shrink wrap around your beverages, which allows you to secure your product in any size grouping, while using an eye-catching wrap to promote your brand. Using wrap is ultimately cheaper than any other containment options.

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We are an exclusive Cryovac® Shrink Film distributor. With the proper shrink wrap equipment and installation, these high-quality films will give you a consistently perfect package. A Gertex representative would be happy to help you select the film that will give you the best results with the lowest cost. We can also help you adjust your machine so as to maximize efficiency.

MB3216 Bundle Wrapped Beers with Tray 6pack and 12pack

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At Impak Packaging we are brewing experts. We have been providing packaging equipment and shrink packaging products to the Canadian brewing industry for over 15 years. Some of the biggest players in the beverage industry got started with Impak Packaging. Whether it is an entry level system, help getting approved for the LCBO, or the best pricing on Shrink Wrap film, we can help. Contact us today to find the perfect machine for your brewing operation. From manual bundle wrappers for laid-back bundling needs, to full, high speed automated systems – where speed is paramount.


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