Top Quality Sleeve Wrappers

Sleeve Wrappers are distinguishable from other shrink wrapping equipment as these machines produce packages with an opening on both ends of the product (often called “bull’s eyes”) and those openings can act as handles. Beer cases or water bottle packaging are the most common examples of sleeve wrapping.  Sleeve Wrappers are often called a  “bundler” or “bundle wrapper“.

Polyethylene (PE) film is used on sleeve wrappers. Two rolls of flat Polyethylene film are sealed producing a “curtain” of film through which a package travels, creating a sleeve around the product. These machines are often equipped with dead plate infeed tables, twin safety push-button controls, air operated sealing heads and automatic motorized product discharge conveyors. An operator pushes the product across a dead plate and through the “curtain” of film. Once the package is placed properly, the operator presses two push buttons to activate the sealing head, then the discharge conveyor carries the product into the shrink tunnel for the shrinking process.

Quality, efficiency and reliability are what you can expect from these top-notch Sleeve Wrappers. We know that when you are sealing up to 35 products a minute, your machine needs to constantly be at peak performance. That’s why we have a 1-year guarantee on all new equipment. Impak specialists will always be there to install, service and repair your machine during its long, productive life.

Eastey Manual Bundler EB30M

Manual Bundling

Eastey Automatic Bundlers

Automatic Bundling

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