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Having to postpone operations because of a machine malfunction can be extremely stressful. It can slow down your production and can affect your business. You can save or reduce downtime and service calls by troubleshooting your machine by following some basic steps.

  • For Semi Automatic L Sealers:

Step 1:  Inspect Teflon tape for burn grooves

Step 2: Inspect silicone pads for burn grooves

Step 3: Check sealing wire tension

Step 4: Check melamine strip behind the wire for burn groove

  • Automatic L Sealers with hot knife:

Step 1:  Inspect sealing bar and knife for build up. Warm up bar and use a soft cloth to clean. DO NOT USE any abrasive material as this will damage the Teflon coating on the bar.

Step 2: Inspect Teflon tape and silicone sponge for burn groove.

Step 3: Inspect side seal belts on film puller.

Step 4: Inspect infeed and outfeed belts for edge wear and check for proper tracking.

Step 5: Check film feed drive and pinch rollers for film residue build up.

  • Shrink Tunnels:

Step 1: Check chain for proper tension. Lubricate chains every 40 hours of operation.  For stainless steel and Teflon mesh belts, check for proper tracking.

Step 2: Check and lubricate roller bearings.

Step 3: Check and clean vents in the tunnel chamber.

If still the problem persists, you can give us a Contact Us at (416) 299-0960 and one of our experienced technicians will have your machine up and running in no time. Thanks for reading!!

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