High Performance Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnels apply heat to the film so it shrinks perfectly around the product. They come in two different conveyor configurations: Roller or Belted.  Both conveyors can be used with polyolefin, PVC sleeves, and polyethylene films. The space between these rollers allows hot air from the bottom to shrink the film around the product to create a tight sealed package. Belted conveyors can be a teflon mesh or a polymer mesh and are used for smaller products, or when the product needs a stable surface.  The speed of a shrink tunnel usually depends on the power, product size, and the thickness of the shrink film. Equipped with adjustable temperature controllers and conveyor speed controllers, you determine the amount of heat and time applied to create a perfectly sealed package.

Quality, efficiency, and reliability are what you can expect from these top-notch Shrink Tunnels.  We have a 1-year guarantee on all new equipment. Impak specialists will always be there to install, service and repair your machine during its long, productive life.

We carry high performance shrink tunnels with superior shrinking capabilities and competitive pricing.

Not sure which brand suits your application best? Contact Us and a sales rep. will be happy to find your perfect match.

Shrink Tunnels - Shanklin T72


Shrink Tunnels - Impak STR 1808 Shrink Tunnel


Shrink Tunnels - Heat Seal T4822

Heat Seal

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