Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel

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Tunnel passage 10" high x 22" wide x 60" long
Tunnel size 36" wide x 68 1/2" high x 92" long
Conveyor height 29" minimum 42" maximum
Conveyor lengths 92" long standard
Power 230 Volts/3 Phase/53 Amps
Conveyor speeds Variable from 25 to 150 ft./min.
Blower motor 1 1/2 hp/3 Phase


Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel is a high speed performer engineered for your most demanding applications!!

 Shanklin T-71 Shrink Tunnel has been designed to perform Shrinking high volume, heat absorptive surfaces and/or irregular shaped packages with ease. A longer single chamber increases shrink capacity at higher speeds, and the fully controllable air temperature and velocity allow you to customize shrinking conditions to the application.


  • Features a longer (60″) single chamber tunnel to facilitate increased shrinking capacity at higher speeds.
  • Powerful hot air system keeps pace with the most demanding use.
  • Fast – Conveyor speeds from 25 to 150 feet per minute.

Shanklin T71 Shrink Tunnel is fully equipped with the following:


  • Main power circuit breaker
  • Tunnel on/off switch
  • Conveyor start/stop switch
  • Conveyor variable speed control
  • Main and top air velocity controls

Safety features

  • Motor overload protection
  • High temperature limit switch
  • Main power circuit breaker
  • Emergency stop switches


  • Side air cascades with adjustable damper
  • Side viewing windows
  • Casters
  • Live or dead roller conveyor
  • Composite link conveyor belt
  • Volume control for down air
  • “Poly kit” for use with LDPE

For more information about the machine and other shrink packaging options please Contact Us at (416) 299-0960 and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Shanklin T71 Brochure Shanklin T71 Tunnel Brochure


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