Shanklin Omni Side Sealer

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Package Size Min: 1/2" Wide x 1/16" High x 3" Long
Max: 19" Wide x 8" High x Infinite Long
Max Film Width (Folded) 30 inches
Max Film Width (Flat) 60 inches (with optional centerfolder)
Conveyor Height 35 1/2 – 42 inches
Package Speeds Maximum 80 PPM
Film Speeds 120 ft/min
Longitudinal Seal Dual Wire or Hot Knife
Transverse Seal Hot Wire or Hot Knife
Drives Conveyor/Side Seal 1/2 HP AC
            End-Seal Carriage 3/4 HP AC
Power 230 Volts/3 Phase/18 Amps


Shanklin Omni Side Sealer improves efficiency and lower operating costs!!

Shanklin Omni Side Sealer redefine traditional shrink packaging equipment with innovative new features like modular plug and play in-feeds, advanced control network, and dual product flow configurations. Designed for maximum packaging flexibility and ease of operation, the Shanklin Omni begins the next generation of shrink packaging equipment.


  • Modular plug and play in-feeds
  • Servo motion control technology
  • Global platform – Metric fasteners – Designed for CE
  • Large package size sealing capacity
  • Package set-up storage capability
  • New control network provides automatic system configuration and diagnostics
  • Available right-to-left or left-to-right production flow configuration
  • Operator- and maintenance-friendly design


  • Fast And Programmable
  • Versatile And Labour Saving
  • Easy Access And Maintenance
  • Operator Friendly

Shanklin Omni Automatic Side Sealer is fully equipped with following safety devices:

  • Emergency stop button to instantly stop machine motion
  • Seal bar safety features to open jaws if closed on an obstacle
  • Low voltage sensors and controls
  • Multiple safety interlocks
  • Torque limits on drives
  • Tamper-resistant controls and interlocks
  • Full coverage interlocked hood over end-seal and side-seal areas

For more information about the machine and other shrink packaging options please Contact Us at (416) 299-0960 and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Shanklin Omni Brochure Shanklin Omni Side Sealer Brochure

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