Highlight Predator Platinum Pallet Wrapper

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Turntable Dimensions 70" Diameter
Turntable Speed 12 RPM
Wrap Height Up to 110"
Film Capacity 10" to 20" Roll Width
Power 115 Volts/1 Phase/15 Amps
Load Weight Capacity 4000 Lbs


Highlight Predator Platinum Pallet Wrapper provides high quality, high performance and affordable solution to stretch wrapping your products

Highlight Predator Platinum Pallet Wrapper offers the flexibility to precisely adjust the level of film stretch to match your load-holding requirements. Its Select-Stretch™ also offers greater film performance.  It includes remote control, film clamp, cut, and wipe down.  It also has the touch screen panel which provides flexible controls.

Control Feature:

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • 3 Wrap Modes
  • Start/Reset/Stop Buttons
  • Adjustable Film Force
  • Adjustable Carriage Speed
  • Adjustable Turntable Speed

Additional Features:

  • Select-Stretch™
  • Automatic Film Clamp, Cut and Wipe down
  • Fast Film Feed
  • Advanced Electrical Controls


  • Consistent
  • Increased Productivity
  • High Performance
  • Stability and Reliability
  • Easy to Use and Secure

For more information about the machine and other shrink packaging options please Contact Us at (416) 299-0960 and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with whatever you need.

Predator Platinum Highlight’s Predator Platinum Pallet Wrapper Brochure


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