Fox FPS 400HPA Pallet Wrapper

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Load Size 55" L x 55" W x 82" H (80" Diagonal)
Production Speed 1-40 Loads per hour
Turntable Speed 0-15RPM
Film Delivery Hurricane Prestretch Carriage
Film Roll 20" Machine Film
Power 115V/1Ph/15A
Weight Capacity 5000 Lbs


Fox FPS 400HPA Pallet Wrapper is efficient with consistent film stretching, effortless movement and maximum stability!!

Fox FPS 400HPA Pallet Wrapper features efficient and consistent film stretching along with  effortless movement and maximum stability. It also features Remote Control Start/Stop button. It is equipped with HURRICANE THREAD© 20″ prestretch film delivery system with easy thread film carriage, electronic film force control on the panel , linear analog proximity sensor film feed speed control and triple beam auto height eye. It does not include hinges, latches or idler rollers that cause inconsistent stretching of the film.

Control Features:

  • Automatic Film clamp, Cut and Wipe- Patent Pending ‘No Hotwire’ Cutter System
  • Touch screen controls
  • LCD Display Screen for selection and control viewing
  • Variable Turntable Speed (0-15 RPM)
  • Variable Film Carriage Speed Up/Down Control
  • Separate Top/Bottom Wrap Selectors
  • Separate Film Height Selector
  • Flush Mounted Control Panel
  • Cycle Counter
  • Manual Carriage Raise/Lower Control
  • Large Emergency push button power On / Off Switch with indicator light
  • Start Cycle Push Button
  • Standard Wrap Up/Down Program

Turntable Features:

  • 0–15 RPM Speed
  • 1/2 HP SCR Variable Speed DC
  • Adjustable Electronic Start/Stop
  • Positive home position alignment
  • Safety Emergency Stop Button

Fox FPS 400HPA Fox FPS 400HPA Specifications

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