Pallet Wrappers tightly wrap a loaded skid or a pallet with stretch film. A loaded Pallet is placed on the turn-table and with the carriage mounted with stretch film, the turntable rotates dispensing film and wrapping the pallet. Pallet Wrappers tightly wrap the pallet making it stable, air-tight and clean. Stretch Wrapping can protect your product from damage during the shipping process.  It also reduces labour and material costs of your distribution operations. It also saves film, time and it is easy to operate. There are various types of stretch wrap machines such as Manual Stretch Wrappers, Turntable Stretch wrappers and Rotary arm stretch wrappers. Impak Packaging offers best in class pallet wrappers from Fox and Highlight which ensures consistency, quality control and damage-free products. Not sure which brand suits your application best? Contact Us and a sales representative will be happy to find your perfect match.

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