Reliable SMI Automatic L Sealers

The Smi Pack Automatic Sealers stand out for excellent price/quality ratio. Compared to other sealers the FP series provides higher outputs as well as the possibility of using Polyethylene film, besides the traditional shrink films. SMI machines also feature conveyor-fed automatic operation and are capable of processing up to 60 packages per minute, plus the L-Seal design provides great flexibility and quick product change. Each will accept randomly spaced product, fed either automatically or by hand.

SMI FP6000

SMI Pack FP 6000


SMI Pack FP 6000CS automatic sealer
Power supply 208-240 Volts/14 Amps/3 Phase 208-240 Volts/14 Amps/3 Phase
Sealing Area 20" Wide x 25" Long 20" Wide x 25" Long
Max Product Height 6" 8"
Sealing Type Hot Knife Hot Knife
Max. Packing Speed 50/Min 60/Min
Max. Centerfold film 24" 24"

  • Reliable: They are equipped with programmable controllers for easy wiring and troubleshooting
  • Flexible: Their photoelectric sensor system automatically compensates for package length change. Their automatic film advance system allows light and flexible products to be fed through the machine with ease
  • Versatile: They offer easy product and size changeover. They have ability to handle virtually any type of film (depending on sealing system). Their features are fully adjustable for maximum convenience
  • Safe: Their electrical controls are UL-listed (for meeting the highest safety standards). Sealing area is protected by an electrically interlocked transparent hood through which the sealing process may be safely observed. Their hood may be easily lifted for full access when necessary
  • Secure: They have password protection capability which safeguards sensitive machine functions
  • Emergency stop button instantly stops all machine functions until manually reset
  • A transparent hood, interlocked electrically with the automatic sequencing circuit, covers the sealing area; gas cylinders support the hood when it is lifted to allow access
  • They are fully electric and no compressed air is needed.
  • Their PTFE coated blade allows the use of polyethylene film
  • Possibilty of wrapping single as well as multipacks
  • Motorized center seal system.
  • Continous sealing cycle
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