Labeling Systems At Its Best

Labels make your product visually appealing. An incorrect application will ruin your product’s attractiveness resulting in adverse effects on sales.  With the right application, your products will sell like hot cakes. Don’t risk it, buy a labeling system from us and we’ll ensure your labels look perfect.

Labeling Systems come in various configurations depending on the type of products you need to label. They are designed for labeling products such as bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, containers, etc. They work by affixing a printed label onto a package. A complete labeling system includes a product handling conveyor to position the product. The conveyor automatically passes the product on to the labeler for labeling.

We have two types of labeling systems:

  • Wipe-On Labeler:  A wipe-on labeler is a very popular kind of label applicator. They are ideal for flat surface label applications. The label in a wipe-on label applicator travels as fast as the product and literally wipes on as the package passes the label head on the belt.
  • Air-Blow-On Labeler: An air-blow-on  labeler is resourceful and precise. It accurately applies the label onto a precise spot on the product at a specific moment when the product passes the label head. Air jets push or blow the label onto the correct location of the product.
  • Our labelers deliver speed, accuracy, and are easy to use while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. we have a 1-year guarantee on all new equipment. Impak specialists will always be there to install, service and repair your labeler during its long, productive life.

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