Impak L Sealers – An affordable packaging solution

Impak L Sealers create bags around products with centerfolded shrink film. They cut and seal shrink film of different sizes, depending on the product, and are equipped with a film separator, a film roller with twin perforating hole punchers & a film guide. These machines are easy to operate. The operator sets the seal time and heat and inserts the product between the two layers of center fold shrink film and presses down the sealing bar. The seal wire will seal the edge and cut off the film. Once the seal is done, the package is pulled away from the machine. Most of the L Sealers are equipped with conveyors which allow the sealed product to pass on to the shrink tunnel for shrinking process. L Sealers are ideal for quick and easy shrink packaging and are available in different sizes depending on the requirements.

Faster than the One Step, Impak L Sealers offer the perfect combination of quality and cost effectiveness. Perfect for a wide range of product sizes.

Impak SMC 1519 Combo

Impak L Sealers - Impak SMC 1519
SPECIFICATIONS Impak SMC 1519 Combo Impak SMC 1622 Impak SMC 2028 Impak SMC 4048
Power supply 220 Volts/1 Phase/20 Amps 220 Volts/1 Phase/20 Amps 220 Volts/1 Phase/20 Amps 220 Volts/1 Phase
Sealing Area 15" Wide x 19" Long 16" Wide x 22" Long 20" Wide x 28" Long 40" Wide x 48" Long
L Sealing Type Micro Knife Micro Knife Micro Knife Micro Knife
Max. Packing Speed 10-12/min 10-12/min 10-12/min 10-12/min
Max. Centerfold film 16" 20" 25" 44"

Advantages of the Impak L Sealers

Our Impak L Sealers come fully equipped with:

  • Dual heavy duty magnets
  • Take away motorized conveyor
  • Teflon coated micro-knife sealing system
  • Temperature compensator system
  • Slidable film holder cradle
  • Lockable casters
  • Stainless steel loading table
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