Brand New Impak Automatic L Sealers

The Impak Automatic L Sealers are high-quality machines equipped with an anti-adhesive Teflon coated sealing blade which ensures a neat and strong seal. They have an overheat protection function that extends their lifespan, hand clamping protection device which avoids mistakenly damaging the product and ensures the safety of the operator, and 10 presets to facilitate product change. It also features a choice of vertical or horizontal type photocell sensor to suit various product sizes and thickness. The machine can automatically adjust the feeding length and reel the waste film.

SPECIFICATIONS Impak AEL 2419 Impak AL 2418
Power supply 220 Volts/1 Phase 220 Volts/1 Phase
Machine Dimensions 80" Long x 61" Wide x 52" High 75” Long × 33” Wide× 60” High
Sealing Area 24" Long x 19" Wide 24" Long x 18" Wide
Max Product Height 8" 4"
Max. Packing Speed 30/min 30/min
Weight 1873 Lbs 990 Lbs

  • Automatic control of the sealing bar height
  • Double adjustment of the sealing blade temperature, both lengthwise and widthwise
  • Speed of conveyors electronically adjustable from the control panel
  • Motorized center seal system as standard
  • Piece counter, batch production setting possible
  • Real-time output
  • Control of irregular packs
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Anti-adhesive Teflon Coated Sealing Blade ensures neat and firm seal
  • Overheat protect function extends the life span
  • Hand clamping device protects and avoids mistakenly damaging the product
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal type photocell sensor to suit various product sizes
  • Manual Or Automatic Product Infeed
  • Emergency Start- Stop Button on front panel and conveyor
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