Highlight Pallet Wrappers – A Perfect Packaging Solution

Pallet Wrappers tightly wrap a loaded skid or a pallet with stretch film. The Pallet is placed on a turn-table with the products on it. The machine carriage is mounted with stretch film. It has a rotating base which revolves as machine carriage holds and dispenses the stretch film. The carriage moves higher up the pallet and tension on the film increases as the film is being applied to the pallet. Pallet Wrappers tightly wraps the stretch film around the pallet making it stable, air-tight and clean.

Highlight Pallet Wrappers  are known for their film stretching capabilities. What does this mean for you? With a Highlight pallet wrapper, you know that every inch of film you use is being put to good use. With little waste, these machines will wrap your skids up effortlessly and securely.

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