Heat Seal Automatic L Sealers – A perfect shrink wrapping solution

An Automatic L Sealer is a fully automatic L bar sealing machine. To use this machine, you need an operator just for loading products and monitoring shrink film.  The machine uses centerfolded polyolefin shrink film. A conveyor feeds the product into the film as it goes through for sealing. It has a choice of vertical or horizontal type photocell sensor which automatically measures the length and thickness of the product, activating the sealing jaws to perform perfect sealing. Once the product is sealed, the conveyor automatically feeds the sealed product into a shrink tunnel where the shrinking process takes place. The reel automatically wounds up the excess shrink film during the process.

The Heat Seal Automatic L Sealers will maximize employee productivity, making up to 30 packages per minute. With 10 presets, you can change products without adjusting the machine in between. Use practically any film, lower your costs and improve productivity with Heat Seal’s Automatic L Sealer


Heat Seal Automatic L Sealers - HDSA 1721
Heat Seal Automatic L Sealers - HDSA 1721
Heat Seal Automatic L Sealers - HDSA 1721
Heat Seal Automatic L Sealers - HDSA 1721
Specifications Heat Seal HDSA 1721
Overall Dimension 72” Long x  38” Wide  x 60” High
Power supply 220 Volts / 1 Phase/ 8 Amps
Sealing Area 17" Wide x 21" Long
Max Product Height 4.75"
Sealing Type Hot Knife
Max. Packing Speed 30/min.
Conveyor Speed 70 ft/min.
Max. Film Width 22"
Weight 1020 lbs

Advantages of  the Heat Seal Automatic L Sealer

  • Tool-less Change Over with Scaled Adjustments Throughout
  • Interlocked Safety Guarding
  • Includes Easy Load Film Cradle with Power Unwind
  • Film Perforating Rollers and Static Eliminator
  • Rigid Carbon Steel Construction with Durable Polyurethane Painted Finish
  • Includes Casters and Levelling Pads
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