High-Quality Fox Pallet Wrappers

Pallet Wrappers tightly wrap a loaded skid or a pallet with stretch film. The Pallet is placed on a turn-table with the products on it. The machine carriage is mounted with the stretch film. It has a rotating base which revolves as machine carriage holds and dispenses the stretch film. The carriage moves higher up the pallet and tension on the film increases as the film is being applied to the pallet. Pallet Wrappers tightly wraps the stretch film around the pallet making it stable, air-tight and clean.

Stretch Wrapping can protect your product from damages during the shipping process. It ensures the safety of your products upon arrival at your customers place. Stretch wrapping equipment reduces labour and material costs of your distribution operations. It also saves film, time and it is easy to operate.

Fox Pallet Wrappers are known for their high quality. These machines are masterfully made to wrap skids in the most efficient way with special stretch film. Their robust frames are ideal for most industrial settings while their small footprints make them perfect for just about any space. Their excellent features and simple design are the reason why this machine is so popular.

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