High-performance Eastey Case Sealers

A Case Sealer is used to seal the bottom and/or top of corrugated boxes with pressure sensitive tape. It provides secure sealing for the products within a corrugated box. It offers gap-free, tight top flap tape sealing. The case sealing equipment is great for both top and/or bottom case sealing.  The operator has to close the bottom and/or top flap of the box. Then load the box at the entrance of the case sealer. The machine automatically applies tape for the closure. These machines are fully adjustable for a wide range of case sizes. They are equipped with adjusting hand cranks which are located on either side of the machine for operator convenience and comfort. Case Sealing machines are durable, easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

Eastey offers top and bottom, bottom belt, side belt and uniform case sealers. They are equipped with a bottom belt drive and a heavy-duty mast. They are capable of adjusting to a variety of case sizes at a cost-effective price. Eastey offers BB2/SS case sealer for wash down conditions, TB-2 for tall and narrow cases, SB2-HD for industrial operations, SB-2EX for random case size sealing. They are easy to operate, reliable and virtually maintenance free, helping your packaging line to stay up and running efficiently.

Eastey Case Sealers are high quality, high performing machines for a smooth and easy case sealing experience.  Built to last; these machines will stay with you for many years.

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