Automatic Bundlers for demanding bundling applications

Automatic Bundlers are distinguishable from other shrink wrapping equipment. These machines produce packages with an opening on both the ends of the product (often called “bull’s eyes”). The openings can act as a handle. Beer cases or water bottle packaging are the common examples of sleeve wrapping.  The machine uses Polyethylene (PE) film. It is often called  a “sleeve wrapper” or “bundle wrapper“.

These Automatic Bundlers provide you with all the quality features found in much higher priced machines. They are skillfully designed and built to give you all the features needed for sealing polyethylene film. The Bundlers are expertly welded on 1/4” cold rolled steel frames and designed to handle the day to day strain of even the most demanding bundling applications.

Eastey Automatic Sleeve Wrappers

Eastey Automatic Bundlers
Automatic Shrink Bundle Wrapper
Eastey Automatic Bundlers
Eastey Bundling Tunnel Machine
SPECIFICATIONS Eastey EB35A Eastey EB50A Eastey EB70A
Power supply 220 Volts/1 Phase/ 10 Amps 220 Volts/1 Phase/15 Amps 220 Volts/1 Phase/20 Amps
MachineDimensions 61" x 79" x 98" 76" x 79" x 98" 96" x 79" x 98"
Sealing Area 35" x 22" 50" x 22" 70" x 22"
Max. product height 22" 22" 22"
Sealing type HotKnife HotKnife HotKnife
Magnetic hold down Yes Yes Yes
Shipping weight 2500 Lbs 3000 Lbs 3500 Lbs

Damark Automatic Sleeve Wrappers

SPECIFICATIONS Damark B-90 Series Damark B-180 Series
Power supply 220 Volts/1 Phase/ 60 Hz 220 Volts/3 Phase/60 Hz
Seal Bar Length 24"/34"/44" 24"/34"/44"/54"/64"/74"
Speed Up to 20 packages/minute Upto 40 packages/minute


  • 35”, 50”, and 70” wide hot knife seal system
  • Infeed product guides where necessary
  • Upper and lower powered film unwind for smooth feed of film
  • Color PLC touchscreen operation for easy adjustments
  • Self-tracking conveyor belt and product indexing
  • Easy to use design requires minimal training, maintenance, and trouble free operation
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