Amazing Damark L Sealers For Perfect packaging

L Sealers create bags around products with centerfolded shrink film. It can cut and seal shrink film to different sizes depending on the L Sealer you are using. It is mostly equipped with a film separator, film roller with twin perforating hole punchers & a film guide. These machines are easy to operate. L Sealers are ideal for quick and easy shrink packaging and are available in different sizes depending on the requirements of the product.

Damark L Sealers are known for their high quality. These machines are suitable for a huge variety of different sized products. Their robust frames are ideal for most industrial settings while their small footprints make them perfect for just about any space. Their excellent features and simple design are the reason why this machine is so popular.

Damark SMC 1620

Damark L Sealers SMC 1620

Damark SMC 2228

Damark L Sealers SMC 2228
SPECIFICATIONS Damark SMC 1620 Damark SMC 2228
Power supply 110 Volts/ 1 Phase/ 12 Amps 220 Volts/ 1 Phase/ 12 Amps
Sealing Area 16" Wide x 20" Long 22" Wide x 28" Long
Max. Centerfold film 20" 26"
Shipping Weight 500 Lbs 600 Lbs

Damark L Sealers Features

  • Low voltage impulse sealing system
  • Adjustable stainless steel loading table
  • Film clamps
  • Perforator roller
  • Electro-magnetic hold down
  • Lockable casters
  • Adjustable speed product discharge conveyor
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