Heat Seal Shrink Tunnels are used to apply heat to the film for shrinking so that the film fits perfectly around the wrapped product. They are equipped with a conveyor system. Conveyors can be of two types: Roller or Belted. Roller conveyors can be used with polyolefin, PVC sleeves, and polyethylene films. Belted conveyors can be a teflon mesh belt or a polymer mesh belt and they are used for smaller products, or when the product needs a stable surface.  The speed of the Shrink tunnel usually depends on the power, product size and the type and thickness of the shrink film. Shrink tunnels have adjustable temperature and conveyor speed controllers to control the amount of heat and time applied to create a perfectly sealed package.

Simple, reliable, and  high-performance Heat Seal Shrink Tunnels are built to last, engineered to perform, and priced for optimum value.

Heat Seal T2622

Heat Seal Shrink Tunnels - T2622

Heat Seal T3422

Heat Seal Shrink Tunnels - T3422

Heat Seal T4822

Heat Seal Shrink Tunnels - T4822
Specifications Heat Seal T2622 Heat Seal T3422 Heat Seal T4822
Overall Dimensions  26” Long x 22” Wide x 8” High  60” Long x 31” Wide x 57” High  74” Long x 31” Wide x 58” High
Inside Tunnel Dimensions  41” Long x 32” Wide x 52” High  34” Long x 22” Wide x 10” High  48” Long x 22” Wide x 8” High
Conveyor Variable Speed Variable Speed Variable Speed
Conveyor Speed  0 – 30 ft. /min  0 – 30 ft. /min  0 – 35 ft. /min
Power  220 Volts/ 1 Phase/ 31 Amps  220 Volts/1 Phase/ 54 Amps  220 Volts/ 1 Phase/ 54 Amps
Wattage 6000 Watts 10000 Watts 18000 Watts
Weight 465 lbs 560 lbs 675 lbs

Heat Seal Shrink Tunnels Features

  • U.L. Listed Control Panel
  • Digital Tunnel Temperature Control
  • High Velocity Air Flow with Dual Mechanical Controls
  • Open Coil Heating Element
  • Single Heat Zone
  • High Temperature Limit Switch
  • Automatic Cool Down Extends Heating Element Life
  • Heavy Gauge Adjustable Height Console
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