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Shrink Wrapping is an excellent packaging solution implemented by companies to package their products with perfection. Most companies prefer shrink wrapping because it is cost-effective, gives your product a professional look, and it makes product more efficient. Typical shrink packaging equipment consists of a sealer and shrink tunnel. The sealer is used to create bags around products with centerfolded shrink film and the shrink tunnel is used to shrink the film by applying heat.

We have various shrink wrapping equipment videos implemented from various machines using products of different sizes and range. Our equipment consist of L bar sealers, Pallet wrappers, Sleeve wrappers, Shrink tunnels, Case sealers, labeling systems, and much more.

Our videos will help you understand the functionalities, features and advantages of our packaging equipment. When you’re shrink wrapping your product, our shrink packaging equipment will constantly be at peak performance. We also provide 1 year guarantee on all our equipment. Impak specialists will always be there to install, service and repair your machine during its long, productive life.

Impak L Sealers

Bag Sealers

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Sleeve Wrappers (Bundle Wrappers)

Shrink Wrappers

Stretch Wrappers

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