The Pursuit of the Perfect Shrink Film Package

We are an exclusive Cryovac® Shrink Film distributor. With the proper shrink wrap equipment and installation, these high-quality films will give you a consistently perfect package. An Impak representative would be happy to help you select the film that will give you the best results with the lowest cost. We can also help you adjust your machine so as to maximize efficiency.

Shrink Film Cryovac CT300 Series

The Cryovac® CT-300 Series of high-performance shrink films is based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This distinctive shrink film has demonstrated comparable or even better performance versus significantly thicker materials. With proven versatility across a broad range of shrink equipment, these powerful shrink films provide enhanced seal strength, increased durability and retail-ready optics and clarity.

CT 301 CT301 Series Brochure

Cryovac CT-500 Series - Shrink Films

Cryovac® CT-500 series soft shrink finesse films are based on the patented Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. These films are designed to provide the shrink and ease-of-use expected in the Cryovac® soft shrink film category, with excellent optics, improved toughness and enhanced tear resistance. Cryovac® CT-500 series films are very forgiving on a wide range of equipment and are highly tear resistant. In addition, irregular shaped items packaged in these films come out of the shrink tunnel with less bridging and smaller dog ears than conventional films, resulting in better final package appearance.  Cryovac® CT-500 series shrink films are easily recycled.

pdf-icon CT-500 Series Brochure

Shrink Film Cryovac D940

Cryovac® D-940 soft shrink film allows you to package soft goods without the buckling and distortion that can turn shoppers off at the point of sale. Since this film conforms to odd shapes, it creates a beautiful package for hard-to-package products.

D940 D940 Brochure

Shrink Film Cryovac LD935

Cryovac® LD-935 is a cross-linked polyolefin shrink film that delivers heavyweight performance with reduced packaging cost. This film is ideal for multi-packing bakery items, office supplies and other consumer goods that don’t need the bulk of heavier films.

LD935 LD935 Brochure

Shrink Film Cryovac MPD2055

Cryovac®MPD-2055 is designed for applications requiring maximum retail presentation. Its multi-layer, non-cross-linked structure is engineered specifically for high-speed packaging applications.

MPD2055 MPD2055 Brochure

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