Perfect Polyethylene Package

Polyethylene packaging comes in many forms such as poly sheets, poly bags, top sheets and poly film. It is used for wrapping, sealing, and protecting products. It is the ideal medium of packaging and is durable and resistant to environmental hazards.  It is the most commonly used product in the packaging world. It can keep your product dry, chemical resistant, and can endure friction. It has various properties like elasticity, impermeability, transparency, and high tensile strength, and it is a relatively inexpensive form of plastic packaging. It is also abbreviated as PE and is the most common form of plastic.

Impak Packaging provides various polyethylene products such as poly sheets, poly bags and top sheets. They are available in varying density and thickness.

Polyethylene products are low-cost and very popular in the world of packaging. This is an incredibly versatile packaging material which is flexible and nontransparent.

Polyethylene Poly Bags

Poly bags are perfect polyethylene product for anything that needs to be put in a bag! Thanks to the strong molecular make-up of this plastic, these bags let little to no water pass through and are food safe.

Polyethylene Poly Sheeting

Poly sheeting is what you need if you are working with a bundler or bundle packaging machine. This flexible polyethylene film can be printed on and will effectively wrap and prepare your product for sale.

Polyethylene Top Sheets

Top sheets keep your products safe from dust and other contaminants that often settle on top of pallets. Place one of these polyethylene top sheets above machines or stacked boxes, and then wrap the sides with our hand stretch to keep everything nice and clean.

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