Best In Class One Step Shrink Wrappers

Our One-Step shrink wrappers eliminate the traditional “L” sealer and tunnel for manual operation. The most economical method of shrink-wrapping around the world is now available in North America

SPECIFICATIONS Impak 4255 Impak SMT 2030 Impak SMT 3050
Power supply 220 Volts/1 Phase 220 Volts/3 Phase 220 Volts/3 Phase
Sealing area 16.5" Wide x 21" Long 23" Wide x 33" Long 30" Wide x 50" Long
Max. product height 8" 8" 8"
Sealing type Micro-knife Micro-knife Micro-knife
Magnetic hold down Yes Yes Yes
Packing speed 4 – 6/minute 4 – 6/minute 4 – 6 /minute
Max. centerfold film 22" 22" 22"
Machine footprint 29.5" x 57.5" 38" x 75" 50" x 110"
Shipping weight 360 lbs 480 lbs 1200 lbs

Advantages of the One Step Shrink Wrappers Over the Two step shrink-wrap systems

  • Lower costs compared to “L” sealer and tunnel systems
  • Micro-perforator included
  • Compact: no separate tunnel
  • Castors make transportation easy
  • Transparent shrink chamber for consistent packages
  • Batch control: product is not lost in tunnel
  • Less adjustment time between different package sizes and types
  • Advantageous product height capability
  • Simple service requirements, easy maintenance
  • Two operational modes: L Sealer only or L Sealer and Shrink
  • Easy operation: one operator can seal and shrink in one swift movement, lowering labor costs
  • Smoother edges on packages: operator can assure better appearance
  • Economical operation, fewer energy requirements, reduced energy consumption

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The Only One Step Shrink Wrappers In The World With A Micro Knife Seal Temperature Adjustment

Impak One Step Shrink Wrappers Help You Save Energy!

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